Black Masks Contoured or Pleated

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Black Masks Contoured or Pleated - Baya Fiber Co
Black Masks Contoured or Pleated - Baya Fiber Co
Black Masks Contoured or Pleated - Baya Fiber Co

BLACK masks are finally here!!

Hi Friends! Thank you! LOVE you! Im making these as fast as humanly possible!  It's only me.  1 person.  

Please be patient! Much love! 

***Current production time as of 4/9 is 1.5 weeks***
***production time as of 4/18 is down to only 7 business days before shipping! ***
Available in Contoured or Pleated

These contoured masks fit your face nice and tight for minimal air seepage. These are ideal for everyone! 
These pleated masks are ideal to cover existing masks. These are ideal for everyone! They are also known as accordian masks


*100% polyester, non-woven. water-resistant filter is sewn inside
*Wired nose brim to pinch down tight on your nose bridge
*100% cotton outer layer and inner layer
*Latex Free
*Stretchy soft ties to tie over the back of your head or tie around ears - fully adjustable to fit everyone's head shape and size - this is contoure
*Stretchy latex free material is used for the ear loops of the pleated

If you would like to contribute to the donation process only please choose donation only option - donations will not ship to you - they will be sent to healthcare workers

available in the following sizes for male and female
small boy or girl - up to 10 years old
medium - children 10 and up and Women
large - men

Wash instructions - masks should only be worn for around 2 hours at a time. Once the mask gets damp with your breathing it should be changed
Boil in boiling water for 3-5 minutes - hang dry - hot iron if needed

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