lavender / butterfly masks

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lavender / butterfly masks
lavender / butterfly masks
lavender / butterfly masks
lavender / butterfly masks

Please choose small, medium, or large according to the sizing guide attached to this image.  
Normal sizing (unless you have a really long face or really big nose) is as follows
4-9 small
10+ medium
most adults 17+ large

***All masks have tighteners on the ties and are fully adjustable to fit comfortably and tightly behind your ears. Wearing your mask as tightly as possible ensures a great fit and a great 'seal' around the face. 

***All children's masks will come with a lanyard so they can keep them clipped on themselves as they go back to school. This is FREE of charge.

***RETURNING CUSTOMERS enter the code "RETURN" at checkout for a discount

masks are 3d origami masks from my own well working pattern. 
2 layers of 100% cotton
1 layer sewn in of 100% polyester non woven fabric

disclaimer: these are not medical grade masks - but offer the highest protection available in a sewn mask - you can go to the cdc website to see the effectiveness of 2 layer cotton masks - I then add the filter to raise that protective percentage even higher. Please do not leave children unattended. Children under the age of 4 should not wear masks!

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